Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Karen's NY Skyscraper
Pat's Old Manhattan

Karen & Pat at their Wedding Cocktail Tasting

I had the honor of creating the Bride & Groom's Signature Wedding Cocktails for Karen and Pat Weninger this past weekend. Their theme was "Old New York", with the reception held at City Hall Restaurant. Karen and Pat chose a classic Black & White Color Scheme. Their original cocktails "NY Skyscraper" and "Old Manhattan" celebrated their theme in name and color as well. Pat's was a Black drink with White edible decoration, while Karen's was a White libation enhanced by tasty hand painted Black designs.


  1. What a handsome couple and such elegant cocktails. Wish I had special cocktails at my wedding all those years ago.

  2. Just wanted to say that Herb did a wonderful job with our cocktails. We challenged him to make a champange based cocktail for my wife Karen and a Maker's Mark based cocktail for me, while keeping the black and white theme. The drinks tasted great and were the hit of the party. All our guests commented on how good the drinks tasted and how visually appealing they were, as well as the background and storyboard that Herb provided as part of the package. The entire experience really added a great deal of value and memories to our wedding. Not to mention, working with Herb was great...he is creative, professional, and a wonderful person to boot. I highly reccomend using Herb for any event..whether a wedding, birthday or any social function. Thanks for all you did Herb..Pat and Karen

  3. Thanks for your very kind words Karen and Pat. It was a pleasure working with you both and an honor creating your cocktails for the wedding.