Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wonderful friends of mine, Jen & Marc, were married this summer in NYC. They hosted a casual rooftop BBQ celebration in honor of their nuptials. I had the pleasure of creating a Signature Wedding Cocktail for the event. When asked what they would like the drink to represent, they said "Fergus, of course!" Fergus is their adorable and very headstrong pup. So, Here's "Fergus in the Grass."
The cocktail featured some great summer flavors, including muddled fresh Kiwi fruit. The garnish was a hand-dipped chocolate & chocolate chip decorated marshmallow; an edible FERGUS head.
Congrats Jen, Marc & Fergus!


  1. Fergus in a Glass looks like a very cool drink! Where did the chocolate dog heads come from?

  2. I created the garnish by hand. Standard size marshmallows were dipped in melted chocolate to mimic the dark areas of Fergus' hair. Chocolate chips were adhered to the drying chocolate areas to indicate the ears and nose.